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Pairing: Irene Adler/Mary Morstan
Rating: E
Tags: BDSM, Dom/sub, Leather Kink, Leather Boots, Boot Worship, Fur Kink, Frottage, Foot Fetish, Riding Crops, Servitude, Chaotic Neutral Women Loving Women, Crime DOES Pay, Service Kink, Suicidal Thoughts, Debt, Attempted Redemption, Kneeling, Crawling, Non-Platonic Sidekick Recruitment, Brief Scene of Auto-Gunplay
Warning: brief scene of suicidal ideation.

Summary: “Of course it’s very wrong, but we can’t all be moralists, and the distribution of wealth is very wrong to begin with.” (AJ Raffles, “The Ides of March,” E.W. Hornung)

“Mary Morstan” is a down-on-her luck assassin who’s been wanting to reform, but she finds herself deep in debt and thereby with even less hope for a retirement plan that isn’t made of lead. In desperation she appeals to a wealthier acquaintance - Irene Adler, The Woman, one of the top pro Dommes in the world. It turns out that Irene has another, even more lucrative source of income that isn’t quite cricket - and that’s where she needs an assistant. But before Mary is initiated into all Irene’s secrets, she first must pledge her loyalty. And it’s Irene’s business to deduce just what Mary really needs.

Venus Infers at AO3

This belongs to an AU I’ve had in my head for a long time, starring Irene and Mary as a kinky lesbian jewel heist team. Apologies are due to Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, the Velvet Underground, and most of all to E. W. Hornung.

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