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Trying the challenge at once more!

Last time, I failed at a Bingo, but I did write two smutty stories I was pretty happy with: Honeypot (The Hobbit, Bilbo/Thorin/Beorn, "Animal Play") and The Passion That Slays and Recovers (Sherlock, Irene Adler/Mary Morstan, "Humiliation").

This is my new card!

Let's see what comes of it. Or rather, who.
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Basically Kink Bingo by any other name - the goal is to achieve bingo by creating at least five kinky fanworks.

Signup post is here:

This is my card. Get your own!


Deadline is September 30 to win a snappy banner.

I'm always open to suggestions, for any kink you'd like to see me try with any pairing. I am NOT promising I'll do it, but if it grabs me, I might. I'm totally up for Sherlock, anything Tolkien, and Good Omens, plus a few other random fandoms I've written in the past and will again if a good idea hits me.
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For the [ profile] come_at_once challenge: written in about 7 hours. HUGE thanks to [ profile] winter_hermit for the amazingly fast beta (probably helped that she was sitting next to me at a coffee shop).

Belt-Fed Cock
Rating: NC-17/E
Word Count: about 4100
'Verse: BBC
Pairing: John/Sherlock (and OMCs/Sherlock in fantasy)

Some babies are born with hair, or with teeth. Some with a caul, some with a tail. Sherlock Holmes was born with an olive drab bandana in his right pocket.

Content: Established relationship, Military Kink, BDSM, Consensual Gangbang Fantasy, Dirty Talk, Top!John, Bottom!Sherlock.

For [ profile] come_at_once - [ profile] mildred_bobbin tagged me with the prompt: “retribution.” The title is a British and Canadian military slang term that refers to long, hard, punishment or hardship, particularly when disproportionate to the infraction.

Belt-Fed Cock )
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I was really unreasonably gutted that there won't be a regular Porn Battle this year - I hadn't realized how much I rely on it to snap me out of the January doldrums and inspire me to try new things.

BUT! All is not lost! The Porn Battle Amnesty group at Dreamwidth (pbam) is running an Amnesty Challenge from February 15 through the 25th, and the prompts that are up for grabs are . . . every single prompt on the books from the last 15 editions of Porn Battle! That is potentially a lot of porn. So I'm in and I want to spread the...word.

Porn Battle Golden Oldies!

Last year, I wrote 5 Porn Battle stories, in 4 different fandoms. (Well . . . are The Hobbit and The Silmarillion really two completely different fandoms? Especially since the characters I wrote about in the TH ficlet also appear in the Silm? Yes and no). I'm going to try to beat that this year. A greater number of stories and of fandoms, that's my goal. Also to get some femslash in this year. Last year my tally was 1 f/m, 2 m/m, and 2 m/f/m threesomes.

This will be especially challenging because February is a hectic month with travel to a con at the end of it, AND...

I also plan on doing [ profile] come_at_once for the first time.

Obviously I'm going to have to cheat by starting now.

Cheer me on! I accept all manner of virtual stimulants and encouragements.

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