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This was first published in the program book for Sherlock Seattle/Watson Washington; it had to stay exclusive until after the con.

Breakfast Where the News is Read at AO3
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Word court: 1226
Rating: PG
Warnings: PTSD, allusions to war crimes

John Watson is just fine with being in danger - because it's the quiet, slow times that often feel more dangerous.

This story riffs on the opening scenes of “The Adventure of the Cardboard Box.” Title comes from “The Unknown Soldier” by the Doors.
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A sad/bittersweet one.

In memory of mountain music master Dr. Ralph Stanley, 1927-2016

Title: I'll Fly Away, Oh Glory
Rating: G
Warnings: Character Death, Funerals, Songfic

Summary: The secret to a long life is knowing when it's time to go. Not always so easy for those left behind - but music helps. Someone beloved finally flies away.

I'll Fly Away, Oh Glory )

You need this:
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Written in 24 hours for the [ profile] come_at_once challenge!

I Like Smoke and Lightning

Verse: BBC AU
Pairing: Sherlock/John, mentions of past Sherlock/OMC
Rating: E
Warnings: References to past watersports
Tags: Biker Kink, Leather, Denim, Military Kink, Motorcycles, Public Sex, Rough Sex, Frottage, Oral Sex
Summary: This is a scene from the world of the Bone Fiddle stories I’ve co-written with [ profile] htebazytook: set in Appalachia in the early 1970s, where urban exile!Sherlock and Vietnam vet!John explore the seamy southern Gothic underbelly of the fog-shrouded mountains. Through a new case and an old acquaintance, John learns a bit about Sherlock’s past and certain elements of his undercover work - just how far was he willing to go for a case? And just how far will John go with him?

Notes: Title is from “Born to Be Wild” by Steppenwolf (I like smoke and lightning / heavy metal thunder / racing with the wind / and the feeling that I’m under).
Dedicated to the memory of Larry Townsend (1930-2008), author of both The Sexual Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1971) and The Leatherman’s Handbook (1972). Sherlock in this ‘verse owns a well-thumbed copy of the latter.

prompt: "I thought it was obvious"
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Well, one good thing about having so many WIPs at one time is that one can shuffle back and forth, backburner things one is blocked on, and still feel like one is making SOME kind of progress.

1. I’ve nearly finished my epic m/m/m (Aronnax/Conseil/Nemo) steampunk BDSM 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea story, which I hope to submit to Circlet Press for this anthology, under my pro porn pseud.

2. I’m about 7,000 words into a Johnlock BDSM story in which sub!John wants and needs to play so rough he surpasses even Dom!Sherlock’s limits, which takes some doing and knocks everyone off-guard.

3. Still working at that Hobbit animal-play!story for Seasons of Kink, which will be all about Bilbo indulging his raging bear kink both figuratively and almost literally, with Thorin and Beorn.

4. Another original porn fic by Evadare Volney, in the Mountain Shifters series, this one based on the Appalachian legend of the Wampus Cat.

5. A long Bone-Fiddle-verse casefic, hitched up because PLOTTING CASEFIC IS HARD YO, but we are still plugging, we promise.

6. Fans of With Both Hands Thou Shalt Give It (I know there are a few, and I love you, you sick fucks) might be glad to know I’ve started brainstorming another Sérelókë story. This one, I think … well, part of it’s kind of like “Blue Carbuncle,” except the stolen jewel is in a dead wolf, not a goose.
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A December snowstorm shortly after their first case together has John in a pensive mood. It's not sex with a man that's a challenging new frontier...

(Sherlock/John, PG-13)

Lake Effect )
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OMG YOU GUYS [ profile] kinkajou DID IT AGAIN!

This one's a scene from The Bone Fiddle itself, and . . .

it's the graveyard scene in Chapter 7! SPOILERZ

GO LOOK IT'S AMAZING (I'd say it's PG-13)

There's a bear, and a moon, and a lighted coal miner's helmet, and an open grave, and bones, and John and Sherlock just about to . . . do what they do in that scene. :D

I love this so much and am SO HONORED!
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The brilliant [ profile] kinkajou has drawn a GORGEOUS piece illustrating a scene from Rode Hard and Put Away Wet!

Sherlock and Arthur galloping to John's rescue as the tornado approaches.

I love everything about this. THANK YOU!
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Welp, the rating on the Bone-Fiddle-verse drabble collection at AO3 was already Mature, but it's going up!

A continuation of the "Setting the Tone" series of 221B drabbles - around midnight at New Year's Eve, 1973/74. Dedicated to [ profile] write_out.

Original post of Part 1 is here, but I'm reposting it here for the sake of continuity and easy readability.

I wanted to do a PWP in serial-221B format in five parts, to see if I could get away without it seeming too stilted and stylized. Readers be the judge.

Pairing: Sherlock/John
Rating: Explicit
Content notes: Appalachian traditions, New Year's Eve, rimming, anal sex, competency kink, display of a firearm, distant explosions.

Setting the Tone )

Yes, anvil shooting is a real thing! Helpful how-to video!
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I wrote these over a year ago and never posted them until now. I never write bleak, tragic fic - except, apparently, when I do. If this version of John and Sherlock had never met, it would not have gone well for either of them.

The Reagan Administration had a lot of blood on its hands.

Just take comfort in knowing this is an AU of an AU. This did not really happen in this 'verse.

Warnings: Major character deaths.

Charleston, WV, 1983 )

Yup. It gets worse.

Washington DC, 1987 )

If you thought I posted these for an hour or so late last night, you were not hallucinating. I chickened out and set them to "private" again because I didn't want to leave my readers stuck with this on their minds, if I wasn't sure I had something more fun to post shortly thereafter. I do, there's smut coming soon.
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A very belated New Year's Eve-themed 221B drabble. I'm dedicating this to [ profile] write_out because she's had a crap week.

Title: Setting the Tone (pt 1)
Fandom: Sherlock (AU, Bone-Fiddle-verse)
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Summary: Once again, John teaches Sherlock to have a little respect for tradition.

Setting the Tone )

Any other drabble writers out there driven absolutely mad by the way Google Docs and Open Office don't register word counts the same way, so they never match exactly? Open Office says this is a legit 221B, goddammit.
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For [ profile] corpsereviver2, inspired by the wondrous holiday card she sent me.

Title: "Deck the Hearse and Kiss the Driver (Or Maybe Vice Versa)"
Fandom: Sherlock (Bone-Fiddle-verse, Appalachian AU)
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Rating: PG, tops.
Words: 221
Warnings: none
Summary: John surprises Sherlock for a change.

Fa la la la la la la )

Happy Holidays, y'all!
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Fandom: Sherlock (Bone-Fiddle-verse; 1970s Appalachian AU)
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Characters: Greg Lestrade, Sally Donovan, Mycroft Holmes, OCs
Rating: NC-17/Explicit
Word count: 13,397
Summary: The war is ending and the troops are returning. They do not always mean well. Their loved ones are not always glad to see them. A case straight out of an old folktale has deep repercussions for Sherlock and John.
Warnings: References to period-typical racism and homophobia, paranormal ambiguity, mild (canon-typical) violence, references to drug use

Giftfic for [ profile] winter_hermit, as payback for the wonderful cover art for the Straw Man Fallacy fanmix

The title comes from this song

The story is based on the version known as “Murder in the Meadow,” from James Gay Jones’s collection “Appalachian Ghost Stories and Other Tales.” Also contains references/homages to several ACD stories, and several episodes of the show.

He's Coming To Us Dead on AO3

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Title: Decoration Day
Fandom: Sherlock (Appalachian AU)
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 442 (double 221B format)
Warnings: None really, except offstage long-ago NPC death and reminders of graveyard sex.
Summary: What has Sherlock done now? Is it a gift? An apology? A thank-you? Whatever it is, it's a little bit sweet and a little bit morbid.

Decoration Day )

Note: "Decoration Day" is the original name of Memorial Day. Many Southerners still call it that, and observe it in the traditional way.
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THANK YOU! Do we have to make a speech? We need some of the Lestrade family business before we do that, quick!

Full winners list here.

Congratulations to everyone!
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Voting is open for The Holmsies.

These are Sherlock fanfic awards meant to recognize lesser-known stories in particular - to be eligible, a story must have fewer than 25,000 hits and/or fewer than 250 reviews/comments anywhere else.

It looks like a lot of work went into this - there were thousands of fics submitted, and there are dozens of categories. I've read some of these stories, but only a few, and I'm going to be using this as a rec list until voting closes on September 1.


Therein ends the impartial description part of this post.


[insert squee audible from space!]
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Fandom: Sherlock, Bone Fiddle AU
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Rating: Explicit/NC-17
Warnings: None of the big ones.

Summary: Sherlock always wants to keep going, no matter what, but he really is only human. John is both kind and . . . not-kind.

Author's note: This takes place after the long TBF sequel-in-progress, so there is just one tantalizing allusion to events in that story we haven't finished yet.

Pacified )
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Title: Bear Necessity
Fandom: Sherlock (Bone-Fiddle-verse; Appalachian AU)
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Rating: NC-17/Explicit
Summary: The 1970s were possibly the last decade when anyone could have sex on a bearskin rug in front of a roaring fireplace unironically. It's up to the reader to decide if Sherlock and John managed lack of irony.
Warnings/Content: Dirty talk, boundary-pushing and also fur. This story is not vegan. Do they even spare a thought for the bear who helped bring them together in the graveyard scene in The Bone Fiddle? Probably not. It's not the same bear, though. This story takes place in between the two main scenes of Splat! and might make more sense if you've read that.
Notes: Huge thanks to [ profile] htebazytook, [ profile] winter_hermit, and [ profile] snogandagrope for feedback. This thing has been floating around for months. Thought I'd finally post it while the weather is still cold.

Bear Necessity )
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For those who haven't been following events in the Sherlock fandom, here's a nutshell version: Fan was publicly shamed by having her fic forced upon a very uncomfortable-looking Benedict Cumberbatch at a BBC screening of the upcoming new episode. (No, of course "journalist" Caitlin Moran didn't ask her for permission; they never do, do they? It was [ profile] mildred_bobbin, who is lovely and writes lovely fic and didn't deserve any of this. So earlgreytea68 proposed the No Shame Ficathon - because we should never be ashamed.

(Well, maybe I should be, for this. But I'm not.)

Spit, Don't Swallow
Rating: Explicit/NC-17
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Warnings/Content: Spit Kink. Chewing tobacco. Oral Sex. (That's basically also the summary.) Seriously, if you have any kind of spit squick, don't read this. (Oddly enough, I do. And yet I wrote it.)

Spit, Don't Swallow )

Go forth and be shameless, fellow fan-creators. For Great Justice!
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Title: Rode Hard and Put Away Wet
For: [ profile] htebazytook
Fandom: Sherlock (AU, Bone Fiddle-verse)
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Rating: NC-17/Explicit
Word Count: ~3300
Warnings/content: Violent weather, ridiculous hurt/comfort, some of the worst dirty talk ever.

Summary: April 3, 1974. He'd heard about this. He'd had an Army buddy from Kansas who'd made lots of jokes about flying houses and wicked witches, even though it was clear that underneath it all, tornadoes weren't funny at all.

Rode Hard and Put Away Wet )

Author's note: The tornado outbreak on April 3-4, 1974, was the worst in recorded history until the record was surpassed in 2011. 148 tornadoes touched down in 13 states and killed more than 300 people; the towns of Cambellsburg, KY and Xenia, OH were partially wiped off the map. (I went to college just a few miles up the road from Xenia, in Yellow Springs, and it was still a traumatic memory in the region as of the late '80s and early 90s). Tornadoes are rare in West Virginia and the rest of the Appalachian region, but they do happen. In the '74 outbreak, there were indeed several just south and east of Beckley, right about where Arthel County might be. I did take fictional liberties, though, as the WV and southwestern VA ones all happened in the dead of night and just before dawn.
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Title: The Adventure of the Mustelid Musk
Fandom: Sherlock (Appalachian AU, Bone Fiddle-verse)
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Rating: PG-13/T (for sexual suggestiveness)
Word count: 442 (tale told in two 221B's)
Warnings: none, since smells don't come through the internet.

Summary: Another side of rural romance. In which Sherlock might no longer be aromantic, but he's very aromatic.

The Adventure of the Mustelid Musk )

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