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Well, one good thing about having so many WIPs at one time is that one can shuffle back and forth, backburner things one is blocked on, and still feel like one is making SOME kind of progress.

1. I’ve nearly finished my epic m/m/m (Aronnax/Conseil/Nemo) steampunk BDSM 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea story, which I hope to submit to Circlet Press for this anthology, under my pro porn pseud.

2. I’m about 7,000 words into a Johnlock BDSM story in which sub!John wants and needs to play so rough he surpasses even Dom!Sherlock’s limits, which takes some doing and knocks everyone off-guard.

3. Still working at that Hobbit animal-play!story for Seasons of Kink, which will be all about Bilbo indulging his raging bear kink both figuratively and almost literally, with Thorin and Beorn.

4. Another original porn fic by Evadare Volney, in the Mountain Shifters series, this one based on the Appalachian legend of the Wampus Cat.

5. A long Bone-Fiddle-verse casefic, hitched up because PLOTTING CASEFIC IS HARD YO, but we are still plugging, we promise.

6. Fans of With Both Hands Thou Shalt Give It (I know there are a few, and I love you, you sick fucks) might be glad to know I’ve started brainstorming another Sérelókë story. This one, I think … well, part of it’s kind of like “Blue Carbuncle,” except the stolen jewel is in a dead wolf, not a goose.
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Well, I heard back from Innsmouth Free Press about that story I submitted for their all-woman Lovecraft anthology, and sadly they will not be using it. I'm not giving up on this story, though, so I'll be looking for other places to submit it. If anyone knows anyone who'd be interested in a roughly 4,000-word Lovecraftian environmental-horror story with female protagonists and an historical Appalachian setting, please point me!
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I've been writing fanfic for 12 years, and this was my most prolific year by far!

I wrote 14 different stories - several different fandoms and three pieces of original fiction.

(Dates given are AO3 posting dates, which aren't necessarily the first posting, especially for challenges like Porn Battle)

1. (February 6, 2014, Porn Battle) Goldengrove Unleaving (The Hobbit, Galadriel/Gandalf, E, 875 words. Hurt/comforty vibe to this one. Battle of Five Armies vindicated the hell out of this story. Score!)

2. (February 7, 2014, Porn Battle) Start Me Up (Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper/John Watson, E, 1594 words. This is the NECROPHILIA ROLEPLAY fic. I regret nothing. Neither do any of the participants. This was also my first non-AU Sherlock story. Don't look at me that way, this is NOT AU. They SO totally did that.)

3. (February 13, 2014, Porn Battle) Polar Vortex (The Dresden Files, Harry Dresden/Thomas Raith, E, 2791 words. Chicago is frozen, and it's Harry Dresden's fault. Yup, that's some incesty sex-vampire/winter-knight mutual dubcon. Also a little hurt/comforty.)

4. (February 17, 2014, Porn Battle) Darkness Alone is Worshipful (The Silmarillion, Sauron/Ar-Pharazôn, E, 968. This creepy pairing is so canon this story just pretty much wrote itself, right down to the title, which is a quote.)

5. (February 17, 2014, Porn Battle) Genetic Markers (Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes/Mary Morstan/John Watson, E, 5146 words. The Porn Battle entry wasn't over 5,000 words - I just couldn't stop adding to it, and the last chapter wound up being a birthday mathom on July 6. Poly co-parenting fic involving conceiving a baby with insufferable-genius genes.)

6. (March 29, 2014) Bear Necessity (Sherlock, Bone-Fiddle-verse AU, E, 5302. My first attempt at BF-verse porn from Sherlock's POV. He's a verbose SOB. And he likes that bearskin rug a lot more than John does. Might be cheating by including here because it had been sitting on my hard drive for at least six months.)

7. (Spring 2014) Tempestuous, original fiction, forthcoming to be included in the New Smut Project's anthology (Published under the name Evadare Volney). (Virginia Dare/Madimia Dee, E, about 5,000 words).

8. (Begun posting Beltane 2014, finished near Mabon, 2014) The Straw Man Fallacy (Sherlock/The Wicker Man crossover, Sherlock/John, E, 40,422 words. When this idea hit me, it seemed so brilliantly obvious that I couldn't believe anyone else hadn't already done it, so I wrote it super fast so no one else would beat me to it. Turns out it's also the only Wicker Man fic on AO3 at all. Really? This is the longest fic I've ever written all by myself.)

9. (July/August 2014) The Adventure of the Cluck and Balls, a collaboration with [ profile] winter_hermit. (Sherlock mostly, but we think it'll also give fans of Hannibal, Welcome to Night Vale, Supernatural, and Doctor Who a good chuckle. T, 5748 words. This one had to be written fast too, before the ball pit jokes got too old. Because it's totally about DashCon.)

10. (October 2014), Lustful Cockweed (original, sort of autobiographical, 562 words). Adventures in phallic, eldritch gardening.

11. (October 31, 2014) The Terror of Rushy Hollow (Lord of the Rings, T, gen, OCs, 4106 words. This is a story idea I've had kicking around in my head for 10 years, and I finally got it written down on posted on Halloween night. Not a crossover, but it is a bit of a pastiche and fusion)

12. (December 2014) Dentata, original Lovecraftian/Cthulhu Mythos fiction, gen, 3872 words, submitted to the open call for She Walks in Shadows, a forth-coming all-woman Lovecraft anthology. Should hear back in a couple months, wish me luck!

13. (December 2014) He's Coming To Us Dead (Sherlock, Bone-Fiddle-verse AU, Sherlock/John, E, 13397 words. This was my payment to [ profile] winter_hermit for that fantastic cover art for the Straw Man Fallacy fanmix - she requested a Bone-Fiddle-verse ghost story. This one is part Appalachian folklore, part The Hounds of Baskerville and the Gloria Scott, and a hot mess of angst and make-up sex. As always, I regret nothing.)

14. (November-December 2014) The Widening Gyre (Good Omens, Aziraphale/Crowley, Historical/Literary RPF, PG-13, 5,996 words) I've been wanting to write a historical story with W.B. Yeats as a prominent character for years, so I couldn't believe my good luck when [ profile] tomato_greens asked for one in the [ profile] go_exchange. I had a GREAT time writing this one.

That's over 90,000 words (always going to be fuzzy since one of them is a collaboration and I wrote a few drabbles I'm not counting here)! Not a big deal for some writers, but it is for me because I tend to be pokey.

So, 12 years on, I love fic as much as ever and probably a little bit more.

Current works-in-progress for January:

1) an original story to form the framework of my mom's narrative dance (we collaborate for Mysticon every year). Loose adaptation of The Descent of Inanna with a steampunk vibe and H.G. Wells influence.

2) a Bone-Fiddle-verse 221B

3) a short Hobbit fix-it fic (Bilbo/Thorin) involving the mithril shirt and a surprisingly sympathetic Thranduil


Dec. 15th, 2014 02:32 pm
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Completed, formatted, and submitted my original Lovecraftian (oxymoron?) story "Dentata" to Innsmouth Free Press's open call for their all-women anthology She Walks in Shadows.

Skin of my teeth, day of the deadline, etc., you know the drill. I had so much fun writing this story, even if keeping it under 4,000 words was a challenge. (Did Lovecraft himself ever publish anything that short?) I went for an Appalachian Gothic setting, centered on one of the most terrifying disasters that's ever happened in that region: the early 20th-century blight that rendered the American Chestnut nearly extinct.

I'll hear back from them "early in 2015," whenever that is. Wish me luck!
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I'm delighted to announce that my original-fic short story "Tempestuous" has been accepted for the 'Characterization' volume of the New Smut Project.

My story has themes about colonialism, culture clash, and co-operation, and it alludes heavily to Shakespeare. It's set around the year 1610, and it tells one of the erotic adventures of Ginny and Maddy, who are, um, Magical Lesbian Pirates. Yeah, that story. (They're Virginia Dare and Madimia Dee, who were both real people, but I gave them a very different fate.)

There's still a fair amount of editing and fine-tuning to go. The publishers are aiming for an early-to-mid-fall release date; the anthology will be available as an ebook and a print-on-demand paperback. I can't wait to see it and to read all the other stories!
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1) I'm really close to having health insurance again for the first time in six years. The older I get, the bigger this is. The ACA is lousy and piecemeal and a band-aid on a gunshot wound and it makes some people's situations even worse. But I'm one of the people who falls within that window of folks it really does help.

2) I've been solicited and head-hunted for an original-fic erotica anthology. By a fandom person who knows my work and was so very ready and skillful with the sincere flattery (and that does in fact work on me), thereby giving me an excuse to poke further at an original story I'd been stalled on. The fact that they want the smut really helps. That's always the part I want to skip to anyway. All I'm going to say about it now is that it's fantasy, it's historical and nautical, and it's f/f. And I might be posting very short bits under f-lock.

3) I have almost-ready hillbilly-Sherlock porn to post soon, and a pretty excellent Tolkien plotbunny to write.
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1 AM is the best time for posting for me, it's the closest to real free time I get; I know a lot of people miss the posts because of that, but what can I do? It's been a very, very busy week. #understatement.

Occupy Chicago is where I was for 12 hours yesterday. No, I wasn't arrested -- I had the choice to stand in the arresting space, and I chose to stand in the witnessing space instead. I felt vaguely guilty about that for about 10 minutes, and then I remembered my early 20s and remembered I'd earned my merit badges already. Still, the amazing mass solidarity of a singularly-focused crowd is a major peak experience for me, and I will keep going until....well, until our nation is different. Very different.

Today I went to the Chicago Cultural Center for the release party for a longtime dear friend's book about Aretha Franklin.

In between, y'know, work. And the novels. I'll be putting up a new post at my original fic journal [ profile] face_fomus shortly. (all posts there are locked)
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I didn't sign up for Yuletide this year. It was a combination of factors: the delayed signup process left a short time to write. And I stalked the requested-fandoms summary and saw that no one had requested the fandoms I really wanted to write and no one had offered the fandoms I really wanted to ask for.

Plus, y'know. NaNoWriMo. And 1992 Drawer Novel From Hell. And GOE. And jobhunting. I'm sad because I really enjoyed the last two years I did it, but sometimes you just gotta sit a dance out.

I DID goof off enough to go see HP & DH with [ profile] divinetailor and family last night, though.

Fairly insignificant spoilers, but nonetheless )

Anyway, so...back to work!
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Or at least it will be. Weatherman Tom Skilling called what's coming "An Edmund Fitzgerald storm." Greeaat. Well, actually, it's good writing weather.

I'm up to my elbows in the 1992 novel (with veterinary gloves on) and having a grand old time, but lots of things are irking me. One of them is the fact that this book has sat in a drawer for nearly twenty years, and in that time frame, lots of other writers have come up with some of the same plot points as me. So I'm sitting there copying this thing, thinking from time to time, "Hey, didn't something really similar happen to Harry Dresden once?" and "Isn't that also one of Sookie Stackhouse's problems?" and the like. Of course, most the things that my own book now reminds me of were written afterward. Which kind of makes me hate myself for procrastination, but since that's one of the defining aspects of my personality, I doubt that'll change. Or, y'know, maybe I'll change someday. ;)

It's also another reason never to make plagiarism charges lightly. Great minds don't have to know of each other to think alike sometimes, and the tighter the genre, the more likely it is that similar things will pop up here and there like mushrooms that have never met. Or something.
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Let's GOOOO!!!! (psst, [ profile] world_cup_slash...for our kind of people. :D)

oh gods, please, please let everybody keep BP oil spill rage out of the USA vs. England match tomorrow.

And in completely unrelated writer-news, excavation on my early-90s original drawerfic continues. Wow, is it terrible. But then, it was my senior project in college and they did let me graduate, so they couldn't have thought it was complete pants, right? (Or maybe they were more impressed with the quantity than the quality--436 SINGLE-SPACED pages and plot still nowhere near conclusion OH GOD)

For those curious about the content, let's just say that in some respects, Martin Millar's The Good Fairies of New York completely accidentally serves as a (hilarious, brilliant, I love this book) parody of some of my themes. No one in my novel wears a colostomy bag, though. More's the pity.

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