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2017-09-22 07:26 pm

Journey to the Center of Desire is available for Sale NOW!!

The latest Circlet Press anthology: our steamy tales based on the works of Jules Verne, and one of them by yours truly (as [personal profile] evadare_volney). $3.99 ebook from your fave retailers at the link.

Mine is based on 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Established-relationship (kinky) Aronnax/Conseil, and a bargain struck with the passionate, insightful, and devious Captain Nemo which totally doesn't involve a steampunk tentacle fucking machine, oh wait yes it does..

All the other stories are incredibly good. Please consider a review at Amazon or Goodreads or whatnot if you read it and enjoy it.
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2017-09-02 12:21 am

WIP excerpt

Keeping this just on DW/LJ for now to keep silence on Tumblr.

Some of you know I'm a big fan of Larry Townsend's 1971 porn pastiche The Sexual Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (I wrote a long essay about it here. Aren't you glad we live in a world where the author of The Leatherman's Handbook also wrote a filthy Sherlock Holmes book? I sure am.)

BUT the sad thing about that book, is that it ends after his version of "The Final Problem." There is no "Adventure of the Empty House" and no happy Holmes/Watson reunion.

If ever there was a lacuna that cried out for fix-it fic, that's it. But I've been in some ways much more intimidated by Townsend's style and legacy than Doyle's. Well, at least until someone at the Sherlock kink meme on Tumblr requested H/W public sex at the Diogenes Club. (The Diogenes is a hardcore BDSM club in Townsendverse). I just can't resist a kink meme prompt that speaks to me.

Yeah. I'm writing it. It's called "Full House Tonight."

Excerpt )

Spoiler alert: Watson's gonna have a wild night.
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2017-09-01 04:01 pm

Fic: "When Wind is In the Deadly East" (LOTR/Sherlock fusion, T)

Originally posted to AO3 6/28/2017

Title: When Wind is In the Deadly East
Fandoms: Lord of the Rings + Sherlock fusion
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, Eurus Holmes, Mycroft Holmes. As giant eagles.
Rating: T for some violence and incestuous ideation
Word count: 6754
Tags: All-Eagle AU, Holmes Siblings in Middle-earth and they are all Giant Eagles, overtones of incest, Undertones of Incest, The Final Problem Except They're All Giant Eagles, Fandom Fusion, Crossovers & Fandom Fusions, Holmes Family

Summary: “Brother mine, the dark clouds gathering have long stalked you, from the days of our home eyrie, and at last I shall tell you the full tale of our lost sister.”

“It was news to me that we had one. It would have gone less ill for us had I learned of this sooner.”

“You remember nothing, then. I thought as much. I shall tell you the full tale of Eurys our sister, burned through and corrupted by the East Wind where long she soared in circles, with the flames of madness in her eyes and the soot of Mordor in her feathers. The lost nestmate long imprisoned since our first eyrie burned. You were barely more than hatchlings, you and she, when first she tried to slay you. ”


The third and final Eagle-centric Tolkien story for my Fandom Trumps Hate bidder lydiabennet (Teasel). I so enjoyed our email exchange with your ideas - you inspired me to write a story that never would have existed otherwise.

Massive thanks to my betas Tyellas and iwantthatcoat!


I am WAY behind on replying to comments on this one. Like, I haven't done it at all and it's been haunting me. I have to go back into the mindset of writing this weird thing, I think. It's had the fewest readers of anything I've written in years (for reasons I think are pretty obvious) but the people who read it REALLY loved it. I'm a little overwhelmed.
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2017-09-01 03:28 pm
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I came in like a reccing ball..

Seventh and last fic rec for this month at 221b-recs: The Piecroft Chronicles by iwantthatcoat:

Absolutely amazing time-travel self-cest tale, with angst and feels.

Now it's September and the torch passes to two different reccers. I had a blast.

I'm participating in the one-day Tumblr boycott, not because I think boycotts like that really achieve anything (or that playing Whack-a-Mole with Nazi blogs is ever going to be effective for Tumblr staff) but I might as well take a day off and do some housecleaning around here. I'm behind on fic links and I think later on I'll put up some DW/LJ exclusive WIP excerpts....
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2017-08-31 04:04 pm

Sixth Fic Rec!

My sixth fic rec at [community profile] 221b_recs: To His Watson Going to Bed by [personal profile] okapi.

ACD canon, Holmes/Watson, NC-17/Explicit

Absolutely gorgeous and steamy interlude featuring Holmes reciting poetry, riffing on John Donne's "To His Mistress Going to Bed." Mesmerizing and very hot.
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2017-08-29 07:49 pm

Circlet Press's Journey to the Center of Desire is available for Pre-Order!

Here!! (Links to Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, and Kobo)


From the intro:

"Erotic stories in the worlds of Jules Verne. Verne's books feature daring, intelligent men facing danger and overcoming obstacles in the name of scientific discovery. Journey to the Center of Desire tells the stories of people who love the adventurers: the ones left behind, or carried helplessly along, or are otherwise affected by these harebrained schemes.

In "Lunacy" by Jean Roberta, based on From the Earth to the Moon, two brave and daring women struggling in a man's world come up with a brilliant--and ridiculous--idea to win their freedom and future life together. Luckily for them, great men can still be made into fools by beautiful women with a plan. In Annabeth Leong's "Journey to the Disappearing Sea," Axel, from Journey to the Center of the Earth, is forced to realize that his precious porcelain doll of a fiancée has her own hopes and dreams and strengths and they will not be hidden any more. In Corey Reid's "The Unresolved Wager," (based on Around the World in Eighty Days) Phileas Fogg's friends Aouda and Passepartout make a bet to see who can teach the man they both love that living well requires paying attention to your friends... and having lots of orgasms. In "Poulp Friction" by Evadare Volney, we learn how deep the friendship between M. Aronnax and his loyal Conseil (of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea) actually is, and that Captain Nemo's rebellious nature and technological acumen extended to much more personal matters than we were led to believe.

Lunacy by Jean Roberta
Journey to the Disappearing Sea by Annabeth Leong
The Unresolved Wager by Corey Reid
Poulp Friction by Evadare Volney

([personal profile] evadare_volney is my professional-smut otherself.)
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2017-08-26 04:32 pm
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Fifth fic rec!

Fic Rec # 5 for 221b-recs: The Magnificent Division by gardnerhill:

A thrilling rescue-mission caper starring a brilliant team of bad-ass women (and one literal queen bee), to bust out Mycroft Holmes from the bad guys who've got him. Mycroft's worried partner Lestrade tags along, and learns some important lessons while having a crowning moment of awesome of his own.
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2017-08-24 04:04 pm
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A quiet celebration

It's been exactly two years since my last cigarette!

Still vaping, now down to 3 mg/ml nicotine, a very low dose. Hope to be down to 0 by this time next year.
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2017-08-24 03:38 pm
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Fourth fic rec!

Fourth fic rec up at 221b-recs:

A Gift for Rosie, by redbuttonhole:

Creepy, gothic family tale - mind the warnings!

(I was all WTF about Eurus Holmes on the show, but she's become one of my favorite characters in fic)
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2017-08-23 07:54 pm
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Fic: "Ring'd With the Azure World" (LOTR, Gandalf/Radagast, Gwaihir/Meneldor, M)

Originally posted to AO3 on 6/10/2017

Ring'd With the Azure World
Fandom: Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion
Pairings: Gandalf/Radagast, Gwaihir/Meneldor
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 5,167
AO3 tags: Giant Eagle Incest, Istari Angst, Het Bird Sex, Maiar Slash, Eagles Are Not Kindly Birds
Warnings: Incest among consenting giant eagle siblings. Fish death.

Summary:As Olórin and Aiwendil, two of the Maiar who will become the Istari, travel from Valinor to Middle-earth via Giant Eagle Airlines over the Sundering Sea, they experience some in-flight turbulence. Eagles are not servants, and the minor inconvenience of passengers does nothing to deter them from their own necessities and pleasures.

In love with one another and fearful of what lies ahead, the future Gandalf and Radagast don't mind using the detour for an interlude of their own.

Written for lydiabennet/Teasel in the 2017 Fandom Trumps Hate Auction. Thank you so much for your generous donations to Natural Resources Defense Council and The Nature Conservancy.

Part 2 of the Eyrie Tales trilogy, stories centered on the giant eagles of Middle-earth.
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2017-08-22 12:20 am
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Third fic rec for 221b-recs

Curse of the Were-Tuna, by WhoGroovesOn:

This is such a wet'n'wild ride. Check it out!
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2017-08-16 04:36 pm

Two quick notes

Second fic rec (The Bee Grove by Random_ Nexus) up at 221b-recs:

also - man, the Good Omens Exchange might be OFF THE HOOK this year. Please keep the discourse far, far away. Binky the Disc Horse is welcome, of course.
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2017-08-11 05:19 pm
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Fic: "Ejaculations of Wonder" (Sherlock + Oglaf fusion, Sherlock/His Hand, NC-17/E)

Ejaculations of Wonder
Fandom: Sherlock + Oglaf fusion.
WIP. Currently up to Chapter 13
Word count: 3511
Rating: NC-17/E
Pairings: Sherlock/His Hand, Sherlock/Everybody
Warnings: Creator Chose Not to Use Archive Warnings. Fantasy world dub-con.
AO3 tags:
Fusion, Cumsprites, Comeplay, Magical Surveillance, Sherlock Just Can't Help Himself, mistress irene, The Criminal Ambassador, Sherlock Before John, Sherlock Meets John, Sherlock has a Secret and it is Kind of Gross, Facials, Bukkake of a Sort
Summary: Sherlock Holmes, a young Consulting Apprentice Detective, has a weird libido, a busy hand, and a terrible problem. He has attracted the attention of Mistress Irene and the Criminal Ambassador - and Mistress Irene has ways of keeping tabs on her favorites.

Like many Oglaf fans, I don't understand why Cumsprite AUs aren't almost as ubiquitous as Daemon AUs. If you're not a fan of the very brilliant, very funny, and very filthy Oglaf webcomic, go click on that and come back here once you are.

Related Works: the magnificent [personal profile] okapi is remixing this story chapter-by-chapter as DIRTY LIMERICKS (surely the highest form of literature). I am honored beyond all reason. Tiny Spritely Spurts of Verse.
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2017-08-09 06:56 pm
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Fic Reccing at 221b-recs!

Signed up to be an August fic reccer at [community profile] 221b_recs. That should keep bringing me back here. So far so good. Got a good healthy list of stories I want to plug.

Here's my first one (The Reality of Waking by Chancy_Lurking):
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2017-08-04 02:35 pm
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Fic: "Every Bad Boy Loves a Sailor" (Sherlock; Sherlock/John, Bone-Fiddle-verse, NC-17/E)

originally posted to AO3 on 4/24/2017

Every Bad Boy Loves a Sailor

Word count: 10,614
Chapters:Fandom: Sherlock
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Additional Tags: Bedtime Stories, Dirty Talk, Past Sex Work, Promiscuity, Prostitution, Past Threeway, Anonymous Sex, Period-Typical Homophobic Language, Appalachia, New York City, Hustling, Cruising, 69 (Sex Position), Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Sex Instructor Sherlock, Lazy Mornings, mild jealousy, Rimming, Barebacking, Period-Typical Risky Sex, Riding, Historical - 1960s, Historical - 1970s
Series: Part 11 of The Bone Fiddle

Bone Fiddle-verse, Appalachian AU. On a lazy, rainy Sunday morning, Sherlock tells John a smutty and (mostly) true story. John’s got some mixed feelings about Sherlock’s promiscuous past, but he can’t deny what hearing about it in lascivious detail does to him - especially now that he’s the only one safely naked in bed with him.

Written for Shabet in the 2017 Fandom Trumps Hate auction.
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2017-08-04 02:31 pm
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So way, way behind

So I'm trying to get back into the habit of keeping this journal, at least more than an entry every few months.

1) I've written a whole bunch of fics since my last update. So I need to update links here. Will try to do it in dribs and drabs so I don't annoy people who have me on my reading list too much.
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2017-07-01 04:39 pm


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2017-04-27 02:00 pm

Fic: "Filled Afresh With Each Flow" (Sherlock; Sherlock Holmes/Mary Morstan/John Watson, NC-17/E)

Filled Afresh with Each Flow at AO3

Fandom: Sherlock
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/Mary Morstan/John Watson
Rating: NC-17/Explicit
Established Relationship, Polyamory, Threesome - F/M/M, S4 Fix-It In a Way, Bad Science, Don't Overthink This, Consentacles, How The Six Thatchers Really Ended, And What Really Happened After, Water Sex, Double Penetration, Outdoor Sex, Underwater Blow Jobs, Crack, Tentacles

Sequel to After Me, the Deluge; You don't really need to have read that to understand this ... just take it as a given that Mary the super-assassin received some top-secret biotech enhancements at Baskerville - which are revealed to a larger audience when her past comes to a head in an aquarium, at the barrel of Vivian Norbury's gun. The fallout also exposes the true nature of the relationship between Mary, John, and Sherlock.

During an enforced discreet holiday out of London, new revelations come to light in the tidal-pools of Sussex.

Written in less than 24 hours for the Come at Once challenge on LJ. Unbeta'd. For Marta. Prompt was "for science." I shamelessly plundered "The Adventure of the Lion's Mane."
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2017-04-27 01:51 pm

Fic: "Prey Tell" (The Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins/Landroval the Giant Eagle, NC-17/E)

Prey Tell

Fandom: The Hobbit
Pairing: Bilbo/Landroval
Rating: Explicit/NC-17
Summary: Book/movie verse mishmash. Out of the frying pan and into the fire: rescued from goblins and orcs and Wargs and flames, Thorin’s company now must cope with the hospitality of the Lord of the Eagles and his folk. Bilbo’s Tookish side is not only up to the challenge, but goes above and beyond.

Thank you Teasel/Lydiabennet so much for your generous donations to Natural Resources Defense Council and The Nature Conservancy

This is the first of Eyrie Tales, a collection of three stories centered on the Giant Eagles of Middle-earth.

All praise to my beta readers, Tyellas and Iwantthatcoat.

Written for [ profile] teasel in the Fandom Trumps Hate 2017 Charity Auction.
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2017-04-06 05:02 pm

HAHA wow

Almost my ENTIRE friendslist first page is community mods posting about bailing this sinking ship for Dreamwidth, due to terrifying new LJ User Agreement.

Q: Is Good Omens Exchange one of them?
A. Yes.

In a nutshell here are some good reasons:

1. This move is mostly aimed at silencing and/or spying on Russian activists, not fandom. This doesn't mean fandom is safe here, nor it is something people outside of Russia should be supporting, directly or indirectly.
2. Essentially, all free speech and copyright law application on LJ effectively becomes that of Russia, not the country the user is in. Yikes.