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I love this first entry so much: amazing art. Horsepersons of the Apocalypse.

Well, no. They're not horsepersons.

Year 11 of GOE!
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Signup procedure is the same as last year - post your prompts/requests in a screened comment, we'll repost them with your name off (but we'll keep track of who you are) so prompts get picked anonymously.

Go here to do that (and check out our lovely new layout), and welcome.

Year NINE!
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Just a reminder to everyone that the Good Omens Holiday Exchange opened for signups yesterday, and will remain open until the 30th. We have ten people's prompts/requests already in our List (anonymized for your perusal). Lots of really cool ideas already this year, I'm very excited.


Meanwhile, [ profile] htebazytook and I are having so much fun it should be illegal, working on our collaborative story. Yes, the Appalachian!Sherlock AU, the one we call "The Bone Fiddle" to its face and "A Study in Redneck" behind its back. We're at about the 20k-word mark now, which means it's okay to talk about it a little now. It's definitely a real thing that is happening. There will be murder ballads, square dancing, evil coal companies, the Greenbrier resort and its government secret, deer hunting, tobacco-chewing, a serial killer, and definitely slash.

Here, have an Easter egg:

Liner Notes From a Fictional Album )

For me, one of the very best parts of AUs is the worldbuilding. Those little explosions of epiphany you get when you're recasting a character's role or figuring out how a certain detail would fit in this universe. [ profile] htebazytook and I really like the way each other thinks! Bouncing ideas off each other is the engine that's fueling this whole crazy coal train, I could never have gotten this far by myself.

We've created a fictional county and town (and we apologize to the real West Virginia counties of Raleigh, Mercer, and Wyoming, which I think are the ones that lose territory to make room for it) but it's very much like some very real places.

I haven't enjoyed writing this much in a long time.
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Going back through [ profile] lower_tadfield's back pages in the tagging project made me want to go back through my own, now that I'm nearly 7 years in the Good Omens fandom. (Like angels' feathers, my own tags are not particularly well-groomed.)

So it's time for a new Headcanon/Personal Fanon post.

Here is a response to a meme I did back in 2007 about listing personal fanon/headcanon for one's OTP. So I wrote about Aziraphale and Crowley, largely little factoids about their sexuality, their relationship, and their history.

I didn't talk about their physical appearance very much, so here are two bits of my headcanon about that:

1. They are precisely the same height, exactly 6'0". I think this because of a legend that only supernatural beings in human form can be precisely 6'0", not one millimillimeter over or under. That said, Crowley often looks a little bit taller, probably because he's leaner, wears black more often, and Aziraphale slouches.

2. Although they're the same height, Aziraphale does have a slightly larger wingspan. I think this because of A Matter of Proportion by [ profile] quantum_witch, which will never NOT be funny. Let's say Aziraphale's wingspan is about 25'1" to Crowley's 24'8". I think the average wingspan of an angel is between 23 and 26 feet, and I think that because of Argentavis magnificens, the Argentinian Teratorn. (If you have any kind of bird phobia, DO NOT click those links.) Conventional wisdom used to have it that angels can fly 'cause MAGIC, of course no feathered birdlike wings could ever get a 6' tall, 200-lb creature off the ground. Ah, but Miocene megafauna solidly challenges that notion, since A.magnificens was exactly that. And did fly. With wings about that size. (here is a scientific article on the aerodynamics involved.) Now of course angels are in no way bound by this, 'cause MAGIC, but that's just what I see in my head now.
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I just finished tagging [ profile] lower_tadfield.

NINE YEARS' WORTH OF POSTS. (Granted, it was only seven when I started this project.)

All shall love me and despair.
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I can't believe I forgot to pimp this! Well, it just keeps the fun going longer, I guess.

The gift I received was from the lovely [ profile] eldanis!

Aerial Superiority
Art, Work-safe.

It's Adam and Dog and Aziraphale and Crowley in steampunk flying machines. With beautiful vivid colors and dazzling, dizzying angles. They're having SO MUCH FUN, and so will you if you go look at right now.

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GOE reveal yesterday!

I wrote this:
Their Satanic Majesties Request
for [ profile] thilia
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Crowley/Aziraphale
Request: Crowley/Aziraphale, AU - or not? Crowley is a rockstar, Aziraphale is his groupie. Any rating. combined with: UST (resolved in the end), getting-together fic rather than established relationship, angst, humour, smoking, drinking, possessiveness, focus on the romance part of the story, plot AND smut, dirty talk, flirting, witty banter, dub-con, seduction, kissing, first time, manipulative bastard!Crowley (but still sweet, in his way)
Summary: Aziraphale and Crowley’s Arrangement stayed in comfortable stasis for a thousand years. It only took one decade to change it forever. (Crowley and Aziraphale do The Sixties--or do The Sixties do them?)
Warnings: Drug use and consensual sex under the influence.

I stumbled a bit over the "groupie" part, and for a long time I struggled with this story, it was all Crowley being a reluctant grumbly rock star, and Aziraphale was barely in it. Eventually, though he found his own ways in -- as he does--and I think he turned out to be very much the backbone of the tale.

This is more or less the 60s AU (sort of) I've been wanting to write for years.

I've had a few people ask me about the 60s rock jokes and references, so I'm putting some notes about that, and some fine mood-setting YouTube videos, behind a cut.

Have You Ever Been Experienced? )

More as I remember them. Feel free to ask questions.
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Yes, I know he's green in this icon. He has a diverse "wardrobe," what can I say? As promised in this post, here's a collection of DeviantArt links I made when I was thinking about this very thing just a couple weeks ago. Thanks to QW for her suggestions!

Here be links - please give the artists FB if you like )

I am in no way trying to "prove" anything about the way Crowley "really" looks with these. (He doesn't look the same in all of them by any stretch.) I AM looking to prove that this is not an idea that's unique to just one person. There are a lot of different artists here, from a lot of different time periods in the fandom. (If you know of others, please let me know.) This has been a thing for years, for many people, that's my point. I think. Maybe the point is dolphins.

Is this a conversation we could be having on [ profile] lower_tadfield without touching off a wankstorm? I hope we could--the fandomsecrets comment thread is a better meta discussion than anything I've seen on LT for a very long time.
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A Fandom Secret about Crowley's complexion

No, I didn't post this secret, nor have I commented on it at the comm, but QW can attest I've been having Lots of Thoughts about this very thing lately, partly because of the latest round of casting talk and because there is definitely a mini-trend of fanart that depicts him as an MSBoC (Man-Shaped Being of Colour) or at least Ambiguously Brown.

And I just find the whole thing so fascinating, because it ties into all sorts of possible discussions about our mental images of book characters and where they come from--book covers and illustrations are of course an obvious source, but by no means the only one.

I actually have a whole rough draft of an essay about this and a collection of links to Crowley-ain't-white fanart I've seen, but ack! I have to go to work. But I'll be back!
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TWO Good Omens secrets at Fandom Secrets today?

Crowley, what have you been up to? I know it's you, because one of them is WingWank. (Like Pavlov's dog, I had to comment in support of Team Spectacular Multicolored Plumage, now will you be nice to me and stop messing with my phone? Thank you.)
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So I am sitting on a couch in a very big living room, with TWO cats galumphing down the hallway. So life is good, so it's time for some PIMPING!

[ profile] go_kink_art.

What it says on the tin. It's a Good Omens kink meme. For ART.

Go forth, prompt, draw, and help prove why we CAN have nice things.
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Latest post on [ profile] go_exchange. Go look. Go see. If you missed it, it's a masterlist of 40 brand-new Good Omens fics, art pieces, and comics that are currently exclusive.

I wrote The Speck In the London Eye (fic, Aziraphale/Crowley, R) for [ profile] danny_sama.

This was the first year we decided to change the system up at GOE and have people choose prompts. I know this worked very well for some people, and not as well for others. We're going to put a post up at GOE in the next couple days, to get feedback about people's feelings about the new system.
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For [ profile] quantum_witch on her birthday, 2010

Crossover: Good Omens/Supernatural
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairing: Aziraphale, other angels, Castiel, Crowley. Gen-ish; Aziraphale/Crowley definitely implied, Castiel/Dean implied if you squint
Summary: There’s a new sheriff in town, and he knows how to handle two legendary outlaws.
Author’s Notes: The title means “Midday in the West” in Enochian. Feel free to translate “Midday” as “High Noon” if you like; this story is a Western. Inspired by various art pieces by [ profile] 22by7: this, this, and this. And these by Slinky Milinky: New Sheriff In Town
and An Ocean Where Dreams Reflect

Midday in the West )
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Happiness found in the last 24 hours:


Unbelievably awesome 2010 Winter Olympics Men's Figure Skating slashfic by [ profile] romanshoes:

1. Snakes (Johnny Weir/Evan Lysacek, NC-17)

2. утенок (Evgeni Plushenko/Johnny Weir, NC-17)

3. Revenge (Johnny Weir/Evgeni Plushenko, NC-17)

To be read sequentially. OMG her Johnny Weir POV narrative voice SLAYED ME with the hot, smart, and funny.

Extremely witty illustrated Good Omens biblefic in three parts, for [ profile] daegaer at [ profile] purimgifts; story by [ profile] miarr and art by [ profile] lukadron: links to all three parts here.

Enjoy! I sure have.
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It's a very significant day for far too many Literature/Creative Writing majors (as I was), and still widely observed in Dublin.

It usually falls close to Father's Day, and my lit-geek dad will forgive me for forgetting Father's Day but not for failing to contact him on Bloomsday.

I did a dramatic reading at work tonight.

One of the multi-level-nerdiest things I have ever done--and between you and me, that's saying something--is the allusion I snuck into one of my ficlets for the Good Omens Anonymous Kink Meme, as revealed in this self-outing post. It's in the hurt/comfort "water" one, which, although the name of the ship is never mentioned, is clearly about Crowley and Aziraphale as "survivors" of the Titanic.

"Scrotum-tightening sea." (snickers like a 9-year-old).

Technically anachronistic, as Ulysses wasn't published until 1922. But of course the original Bloomsday was in 1904, and of course in my personal fanon the demon and the angel were both involved and the fourth wall was particularly thin that year (don't even ask about the fifth and sixth!); Crowley's friends were the book's characters and at the same time, Aziraphale enjoyed the occasional postprandial with Joyce himself. (Both claimed credit for his later treatment by the critics and obligatory status in lit courses).
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I'm ecstatic about the response "Lomendánar" has gotten. I can't thank everyone who's helped and reviewed and recced enough - I was so afraid I'd lost my way in Middle-earth.

Speaking of recs, I'm doing Good Omens this month at [ profile] crack_van. Only 12 recs allowed? Ouch. I will try to achieve a representative sampling while still keeping my picks stubbornly idiosyncratic.
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Now it can be told: I wrote Seven Signs, Seven Seals (Delivered - I'm Yours!) for [ profile] htebazytook. She's one of my favorite writers in the fandom, so it was awesome to get to write for her, especially since she offered up a prompt that played right to my weaknesses. Crowley and Aziraphale are unleashed on the 2008 Presidential election.

(I thought this would be super-obvious, especially considering my Yuletide story, but no one guessed it.)
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If all goes according to plan [ profile] go_exchange assignments will be going out tomorrow. More on this more officially later.

[ profile] quantum_witch proposed a meme, so here 'tis.

The Good Omens Book Meme )
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If all goes according to plan [ profile] go_exchange assignments will be going out tomorrow. More on this more officially later.

[ profile] quantum_witch proposed a meme, so here 'tis.

The Good Omens Book Meme )

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