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Go here!

Year Twelve! This is one of the longest-lasting jobs I've ever had. :D
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Now it can be told! My fic for the Good Omens Holiday Exchange 2015!

(Fest masterlist is here - check it out, 30-some new pieces of GO fic and art!)

The Reason for the Season

Pairing: Aziraphale/Crowley
Rating: NC-17/E
Warnings: None really
Summary: Adam and Pepper, now married with children of their own, worry that their kids might be losing some of the magic of the season. Adam calls in a little favour from some old friends - with a nice little bonus that's in it for them. Established relationship A/C, a little fluff, a little comedy, a little Bentley smut.

Written for AJ Crowlor in the 2015 Good Omens Holiday Exchange
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Recurring Slope Lineae" at AO3

Grown-up Adam can still make things happen, if he isn't careful - but the things he finds too important to mess with, those are the real miracles.
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It's official. That Bilbo/Thorin/Beorn thing I'm working on is now a 10,000-word PWP.

Your word for the day, should you choose to accept it, is baculum. (That word doesn't actually appear in the story. You can't just throw Latin around in Tolkien fic. The concept certainly does, er, come up.)

I have co-modded this beast for 11 years now! Tendy-one! Which is much to short a time to spend among such excellent and admirable fans. I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.

I can't isolate a good excerpt from "Honeypot," the Bilbo's Raging Bear Kink fic yet, since, like I said, 10k PWP.

So have an excerpt from "The Ginger Bush League," which is a Sherlock AU heist caper sex farce (with Sherlock/John as the brilliant detective and his bodyguard-cum-lover-cum-sidekick and Irene/Mary as the brilliant criminal and her own.)


“Wait a minute,” Mary said. She had thought the matter of Irene’s duplicity had already shown all its layers in this instance, and found herself exhausted, furious, and yet a little relieved at the revelation that there might be another revelation still. She rather peevishly found herself wishing that Irene might stop revealing things that didn’t involve taking off her clothes. It was getting on towards bedtime. “Our real object? Wasn’t that the--”

“Yes, and we’ve that well in hand, you can be sure. But I found that the hound on our trail was no ordinary mutt. You might have heard of that detective who’s gone all viral? A Mr. Sherlock Holmes?”

“The one with the hat?” Mary said dubiously.

“Rather more than meets the eye. Not that what meets the eye is objectionable,” Irene said, arching an eyebrow.

Well, Irene had never claimed to be a gold star lesbian. Tin star, perhaps. Possibly zinc, or a nickel-plate alloy.

“You think he was getting close?” Mary asked incredulously.

“Oh, I know for sure he was,” Irene said. “He got quite a bit too close. And he’s very close even now.” Irene took Mary’s arm, and led her down the hallway to her windowed playroom, and pointed through the glass. Mary gasped - there was a man in there, bound quite thoroughly to one of Irene’s deluxe leather chairs (for their was no reason for her very well-paying victims to ever be uncomfortable in ways they didn’t wish to be, not when Irene’s art depended so much on very specific discomforts). But this one? A client, or a prisoner? He was a thin but well-built man wearing nothing but pricey black pants, artfully - and effectively bound - black ropes, and a black hood over his head. He had pale skin and long limbs, and absolutely none of the tell-tale signs of the terrified.

“How much does he know?” Mary asked.

“Oh, I would imagine nearly everything at this point,” Irene said.

“So . . . then, shall I?” Mary asked with a little sigh as her muscle memory started to shape the gun that was not in her hand.

Irene huffed and rolled her eyes. “Oh heavens, Mary, sometimes it’s so tedious that you’re a former assassin. You keep turning into that hammer that thinks every problem it sees is a nail.”
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Heuristicdevice at Tumblr has done a podfic of "The Phoenix and the Turtle", the Elizabethan-era Aziraphale/Crowley fic that [ profile] quantum_witch and I collaborated on!

I am so thrilled - this story is such a total multi-media experience now! Go, listen to it, but very importantly, also click the story link at AO3 so you can look at [ profile] quantum_witch's MAGNIFICENT illustrations (some are NSFW, and you know you want to see that!). She and I worked together so closely and intensely on this story, and I feel strongly that it isn't complete without them, either in text or audio format.
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I've been writing fanfic for 12 years, and this was my most prolific year by far!

I wrote 14 different stories - several different fandoms and three pieces of original fiction.

(Dates given are AO3 posting dates, which aren't necessarily the first posting, especially for challenges like Porn Battle)

1. (February 6, 2014, Porn Battle) Goldengrove Unleaving (The Hobbit, Galadriel/Gandalf, E, 875 words. Hurt/comforty vibe to this one. Battle of Five Armies vindicated the hell out of this story. Score!)

2. (February 7, 2014, Porn Battle) Start Me Up (Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper/John Watson, E, 1594 words. This is the NECROPHILIA ROLEPLAY fic. I regret nothing. Neither do any of the participants. This was also my first non-AU Sherlock story. Don't look at me that way, this is NOT AU. They SO totally did that.)

3. (February 13, 2014, Porn Battle) Polar Vortex (The Dresden Files, Harry Dresden/Thomas Raith, E, 2791 words. Chicago is frozen, and it's Harry Dresden's fault. Yup, that's some incesty sex-vampire/winter-knight mutual dubcon. Also a little hurt/comforty.)

4. (February 17, 2014, Porn Battle) Darkness Alone is Worshipful (The Silmarillion, Sauron/Ar-Pharazôn, E, 968. This creepy pairing is so canon this story just pretty much wrote itself, right down to the title, which is a quote.)

5. (February 17, 2014, Porn Battle) Genetic Markers (Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes/Mary Morstan/John Watson, E, 5146 words. The Porn Battle entry wasn't over 5,000 words - I just couldn't stop adding to it, and the last chapter wound up being a birthday mathom on July 6. Poly co-parenting fic involving conceiving a baby with insufferable-genius genes.)

6. (March 29, 2014) Bear Necessity (Sherlock, Bone-Fiddle-verse AU, E, 5302. My first attempt at BF-verse porn from Sherlock's POV. He's a verbose SOB. And he likes that bearskin rug a lot more than John does. Might be cheating by including here because it had been sitting on my hard drive for at least six months.)

7. (Spring 2014) Tempestuous, original fiction, forthcoming to be included in the New Smut Project's anthology (Published under the name Evadare Volney). (Virginia Dare/Madimia Dee, E, about 5,000 words).

8. (Begun posting Beltane 2014, finished near Mabon, 2014) The Straw Man Fallacy (Sherlock/The Wicker Man crossover, Sherlock/John, E, 40,422 words. When this idea hit me, it seemed so brilliantly obvious that I couldn't believe anyone else hadn't already done it, so I wrote it super fast so no one else would beat me to it. Turns out it's also the only Wicker Man fic on AO3 at all. Really? This is the longest fic I've ever written all by myself.)

9. (July/August 2014) The Adventure of the Cluck and Balls, a collaboration with [ profile] winter_hermit. (Sherlock mostly, but we think it'll also give fans of Hannibal, Welcome to Night Vale, Supernatural, and Doctor Who a good chuckle. T, 5748 words. This one had to be written fast too, before the ball pit jokes got too old. Because it's totally about DashCon.)

10. (October 2014), Lustful Cockweed (original, sort of autobiographical, 562 words). Adventures in phallic, eldritch gardening.

11. (October 31, 2014) The Terror of Rushy Hollow (Lord of the Rings, T, gen, OCs, 4106 words. This is a story idea I've had kicking around in my head for 10 years, and I finally got it written down on posted on Halloween night. Not a crossover, but it is a bit of a pastiche and fusion)

12. (December 2014) Dentata, original Lovecraftian/Cthulhu Mythos fiction, gen, 3872 words, submitted to the open call for She Walks in Shadows, a forth-coming all-woman Lovecraft anthology. Should hear back in a couple months, wish me luck!

13. (December 2014) He's Coming To Us Dead (Sherlock, Bone-Fiddle-verse AU, Sherlock/John, E, 13397 words. This was my payment to [ profile] winter_hermit for that fantastic cover art for the Straw Man Fallacy fanmix - she requested a Bone-Fiddle-verse ghost story. This one is part Appalachian folklore, part The Hounds of Baskerville and the Gloria Scott, and a hot mess of angst and make-up sex. As always, I regret nothing.)

14. (November-December 2014) The Widening Gyre (Good Omens, Aziraphale/Crowley, Historical/Literary RPF, PG-13, 5,996 words) I've been wanting to write a historical story with W.B. Yeats as a prominent character for years, so I couldn't believe my good luck when [ profile] tomato_greens asked for one in the [ profile] go_exchange. I had a GREAT time writing this one.

That's over 90,000 words (always going to be fuzzy since one of them is a collaboration and I wrote a few drabbles I'm not counting here)! Not a big deal for some writers, but it is for me because I tend to be pokey.

So, 12 years on, I love fic as much as ever and probably a little bit more.

Current works-in-progress for January:

1) an original story to form the framework of my mom's narrative dance (we collaborate for Mysticon every year). Loose adaptation of The Descent of Inanna with a steampunk vibe and H.G. Wells influence.

2) a Bone-Fiddle-verse 221B

3) a short Hobbit fix-it fic (Bilbo/Thorin) involving the mithril shirt and a surprisingly sympathetic Thranduil
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Let me take this opportunity to rec the hell out of the story that was written for me: Sherbert Holmes and the Elephant of Surprise, by [ profile] miscellanny

Yes, it's a Good Omens/Sherlock crossover, and the prompt filled was: "Mrs. Hudson leaves Baker Street. England falls." But of course I wanted the Good Omens cast doing their usual great work at Apocalypse-foiling, and what I got was so, so much better than I could ever have imagined. It's metafictional, it's multilayered, it's rich and hilarious, and it does a much much better job than either canon does with female characters: Madame Tracy, Anathema, and Mrs. Hudson are hilarious, clever, and beautifully drawn. And if you're wondering where Adam Young comes in . . . read it, just read it. You won't be sorry.

I wrote The Widening Gyre, for [ profile] tomato_greens. T-G wanted a story involving the poems "Easter, 1916" or "Leda and the Swan" and said that a historical setting and W.B. Yeats himself as a character would be extra-great, so that's exactly what I did. Historical fiction set shortly before and after the 1916 Easter Rising, a bit of compare-and-contrast between the developing, ever-changing relationship between Aziraphale and Crowley, and the never-consummated but lifelong weird relationship between W.B. Yeats and Maud Gonne. (All the best lines are Yeats's, not mine of course - though the meanest ones definitely come from A. Crowley. No, not that A. Crowley. The other one.)

The Widening Gyre on AO3
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...that are really often something preachy or passive-aggressive or condescending and not really friendly at all? Yeah.

These really are friendly reminders:

1) Voting for The Holmsies is open for TEN MORE DAYS. These are Sherlock fic awards meant to recognize lesser-known fics (with fewer than 25,000 hits on AO3 or 250 reviews/comments anywhere else - and believe me, coming from a small fandom, that seems like a shitload at first. But in a huge fandom, it really isn't). The nominations list is an awesome recs list, so go read and vote!

(I have no affiliation with these awards besides being co-author of a nominated fic, which, well, SQUEE! But I think they're a great idea).

2) It's late August. Which means September is coming soon. Which means that we the mods of the Good Omens Exchange are brushing out the dust and airing out the place. Never too early to start thinking about your requests. GOE was founded at the holiday season 2005, so this is the TENTH round. Who'd have thought?
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I wrote:

The Corsair of Carcosa
For: [ profile] hoshi_ryo
From: [ profile] vulgarweed
Rating: PG
Characters: Crowley, Aziraphale, Hastur, The Them, Randolph Carter, Dream, Cassilda the Cat
Fandoms: Good Omens/The King in Yellow/The Cthulhu Mythos/Sandman

Summary: Forbidden literature is forbidden because stories can change the world. For good and for ill.
Prompt: “Aziraphale gets his hands on a rare copy of the play The King in Yellow. Reading and its consequences ensue.”

Author's Notes: “The King in Yellow” doesn't really exist – it's a sinister play that's alluded to and plays a role in the events of four Robert W. Chambers short stories: The Repairer of Reputations, The Yellow Sign, The Mask, and In the Court of the Dragon. H.P. Lovecraft was an admirer of Chambers who alluded to these stories in his own, and the KIY cycle has been adopted pretty thoroughly into the Cthulhu Mythos (by August Derleth more than HPL himself). So I incorporated a lot of elements from Lovecraft stories, particularly “The Cats of Ulthar” and “The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath,” to the point where it wound up being pretty much a crossover. Sandman, also – all things that take place in the Dreaming come under the rule of Morpheus. (There are also allusions to a couple other Neil Gaiman works, and shoutouts to several other writers as well.) I hope it all holds up as a story despite this patchwork.

AO3 link
GO Exchange link


I also want to rave and gush about the story that was written for me!

We Must Bear Witness, by [ profile] hsavinien

I've wanted a Lord of the Rings/Good Omens crossover for years, and they are not easy to come by. Thought of writing one myself, but haven't gotten around to it yet. (Crowley and Aziraphale would be snarky Maiar, of course). And [ profile] hsavinien wrote this one, and took it in such a fantastic direction. I had asked for a story where Aziraphale and Crowley find themselves on different sides of an historical conflict (real or fictional history), and here they are, as Istari among the Gondorians and the Haradrim, respectively, during the Battle of the Pelennor Fields. I love everything about this. I love the fact that they're genderswapped/woman-shaped. I love the insight into both cultures. I love their relationship, and the way it unfolds. I love the depth of the Tolkien lore in play here. I love everything. Read it and give it love!
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Posting started yesterday. GO LOOK there is great stuff already. [ profile] go_exchange

End snarl, start the squee.
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We have one finished Good Omens Exchange gift already!

You know who you are, and verily you rocketh the casbah.
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. . . and so it begins!

Nine years, and it's still exciting to me.
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Signup procedure is the same as last year - post your prompts/requests in a screened comment, we'll repost them with your name off (but we'll keep track of who you are) so prompts get picked anonymously.

Go here to do that (and check out our lovely new layout), and welcome.

Year NINE!
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I wrote two stories this year:

New Skin for the Old Ceremony
(Aziraphale/Crowley, NC-17) for [ profile] aten_ra
A bit of a crossover with the Dresden Files series; spoilers for Death Masks. You probably don't need to know those books to read this, though. It's mostly porn. Shapeshifter sex, xenokink, snake fetish...arguably slightly bordering on bestiality, from a certain point of view. Oral and intercrural sex. Ophidian masturbation. Title comes from an album by Leonard Cohen.

Not Always the Same Joke (Aziraphale/Crowley, OFC/OFC, PG) for [ profile] cinaed
Two teen angels who met their Maker in the '80s (and gave themselves angelic names after Jello Biafra and Siouxsie Sioux) are sent back to Earth to re-establish contact with one of Heaven's agents and to keep an eye on kids. Inspired by the song Alleluia, by Dar Williams.
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I suppose just about everyone has to do this sooner or later, because everyone has looked at everyone else's fancasts and had lots of feelings about why everybody else is SO WRONG.

I tried to be less wrong in my own eyes, which is sure to be SO WRONG in someone else's. This is a work in progress--I am complete shite at remembering actors, for one thing. I've also only done the supernatural characters so far, frankly because they're the easiest and the most fun. I'm actually kind of surprised by how many current fan favorites turned up in here.

Angels and Demons and Horsepersons )

What say you?

It does bother me that they're all white. And yet, the characters in GO are so cartoonish in so many ways, especially the supernatural beings, that casting them as PoC can lead to a different kind of problematic-ness. I'd welcome feedback on this too.
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Crossposted shamelessly from

Every once in a great while, Crowley gets comfort-food cravings. So he goes to a pet shop, buys a bag of frozen mice, warms them up in the microwave, and swallows them whole. While watching Golden Girls.

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