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Wednesday, August 16th, 2017 04:36 pm
Second fic rec (The Bee Grove by Random_ Nexus) up at 221b-recs:

also - man, the Good Omens Exchange might be OFF THE HOOK this year. Please keep the discourse far, far away. Binky the Disc Horse is welcome, of course.
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Friday, August 11th, 2017 05:19 pm
Ejaculations of Wonder
Fandom: Sherlock + Oglaf fusion.
WIP. Currently up to Chapter 13
Word count: 3511
Rating: NC-17/E
Pairings: Sherlock/His Hand, Sherlock/Everybody
Warnings: Creator Chose Not to Use Archive Warnings. Fantasy world dub-con.
AO3 tags:
Fusion, Cumsprites, Comeplay, Magical Surveillance, Sherlock Just Can't Help Himself, mistress irene, The Criminal Ambassador, Sherlock Before John, Sherlock Meets John, Sherlock has a Secret and it is Kind of Gross, Facials, Bukkake of a Sort
Summary: Sherlock Holmes, a young Consulting Apprentice Detective, has a weird libido, a busy hand, and a terrible problem. He has attracted the attention of Mistress Irene and the Criminal Ambassador - and Mistress Irene has ways of keeping tabs on her favorites.

Like many Oglaf fans, I don't understand why Cumsprite AUs aren't almost as ubiquitous as Daemon AUs. If you're not a fan of the very brilliant, very funny, and very filthy Oglaf webcomic, go click on that and come back here once you are.

Related Works: the magnificent [personal profile] okapi is remixing this story chapter-by-chapter as DIRTY LIMERICKS (surely the highest form of literature). I am honored beyond all reason. Tiny Spritely Spurts of Verse.
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Wednesday, August 9th, 2017 06:56 pm
Signed up to be an August fic reccer at [community profile] 221b_recs. That should keep bringing me back here. So far so good. Got a good healthy list of stories I want to plug.

Here's my first one (The Reality of Waking by Chancy_Lurking):
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Friday, August 4th, 2017 02:35 pm
originally posted to AO3 on 4/24/2017

Every Bad Boy Loves a Sailor

Word count: 10,614
Chapters:Fandom: Sherlock
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Additional Tags: Bedtime Stories, Dirty Talk, Past Sex Work, Promiscuity, Prostitution, Past Threeway, Anonymous Sex, Period-Typical Homophobic Language, Appalachia, New York City, Hustling, Cruising, 69 (Sex Position), Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Sex Instructor Sherlock, Lazy Mornings, mild jealousy, Rimming, Barebacking, Period-Typical Risky Sex, Riding, Historical - 1960s, Historical - 1970s
Series: Part 11 of The Bone Fiddle

Bone Fiddle-verse, Appalachian AU. On a lazy, rainy Sunday morning, Sherlock tells John a smutty and (mostly) true story. John’s got some mixed feelings about Sherlock’s promiscuous past, but he can’t deny what hearing about it in lascivious detail does to him - especially now that he’s the only one safely naked in bed with him.

Written for Shabet in the 2017 Fandom Trumps Hate auction.
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Friday, August 4th, 2017 02:31 pm
So I'm trying to get back into the habit of keeping this journal, at least more than an entry every few months.

1) I've written a whole bunch of fics since my last update. So I need to update links here. Will try to do it in dribs and drabs so I don't annoy people who have me on my reading list too much.
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Thursday, April 27th, 2017 02:00 pm
Filled Afresh with Each Flow at AO3

Fandom: Sherlock
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/Mary Morstan/John Watson
Rating: NC-17/Explicit
Established Relationship, Polyamory, Threesome - F/M/M, S4 Fix-It In a Way, Bad Science, Don't Overthink This, Consentacles, How The Six Thatchers Really Ended, And What Really Happened After, Water Sex, Double Penetration, Outdoor Sex, Underwater Blow Jobs, Crack, Tentacles

Sequel to After Me, the Deluge; You don't really need to have read that to understand this ... just take it as a given that Mary the super-assassin received some top-secret biotech enhancements at Baskerville - which are revealed to a larger audience when her past comes to a head in an aquarium, at the barrel of Vivian Norbury's gun. The fallout also exposes the true nature of the relationship between Mary, John, and Sherlock.

During an enforced discreet holiday out of London, new revelations come to light in the tidal-pools of Sussex.

Written in less than 24 hours for the Come at Once challenge on LJ. Unbeta'd. For Marta. Prompt was "for science." I shamelessly plundered "The Adventure of the Lion's Mane."
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Thursday, April 27th, 2017 01:51 pm
Prey Tell

Fandom: The Hobbit
Pairing: Bilbo/Landroval
Rating: Explicit/NC-17
Summary: Book/movie verse mishmash. Out of the frying pan and into the fire: rescued from goblins and orcs and Wargs and flames, Thorin’s company now must cope with the hospitality of the Lord of the Eagles and his folk. Bilbo’s Tookish side is not only up to the challenge, but goes above and beyond.

Thank you Teasel/Lydiabennet so much for your generous donations to Natural Resources Defense Council and The Nature Conservancy

This is the first of Eyrie Tales, a collection of three stories centered on the Giant Eagles of Middle-earth.

All praise to my beta readers, Tyellas and Iwantthatcoat.

Written for [ profile] teasel in the Fandom Trumps Hate 2017 Charity Auction.
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Thursday, April 6th, 2017 05:02 pm
Almost my ENTIRE friendslist first page is community mods posting about bailing this sinking ship for Dreamwidth, due to terrifying new LJ User Agreement.

Q: Is Good Omens Exchange one of them?
A. Yes.

In a nutshell here are some good reasons:

1. This move is mostly aimed at silencing and/or spying on Russian activists, not fandom. This doesn't mean fandom is safe here, nor it is something people outside of Russia should be supporting, directly or indirectly.
2. Essentially, all free speech and copyright law application on LJ effectively becomes that of Russia, not the country the user is in. Yikes.
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Monday, February 13th, 2017 09:33 pm
title: After Me, the Deluge
Fandom: Sherlock
Pairing: Sherlock/Mary/John
Rating: NC-17/Explicit
Tags/Content/Warnings: Dark Past, Bad Science, Not S4 Compliant, Don't Overthink This, Mary Has That Something Special. None of AO3's big four trigger warnings apply

Summary:Dark secrets of Mary’s past are coming to light, with unimaginable consequences for her, and for John, and for Sherlock.

The trigger word is “architeuthis.”


(If you want to find out what Mary’s dark secret is, you have to read it. Mind the rating and pairing. psst. I'm not saying it's tentacles but it's totally tentacles.)

After Me, the Deluge at AO3
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Tuesday, December 20th, 2016 08:00 pm
ha, forgot to post this one at all!

Fandoms: Sherlock/The Silmarillion
Rating: NC-17/Explicit
Pairing: Sérelókë/Iaun/Ossë
Tags/Content: Tentacles, Merman Sherlock, Shapeshifting, Ossë Has Tentacles Because He Wants To, Dubious Consentacles, Consentacles, Rough Sex, Competitive sex, Ainur Are Weird, BDSM, Dom/sub, Water Sex, Double Penetration, Possessive Sherlock, Interspecies, Threesome - M/M/M, Dom Sherlock, Demanding Power Bottom John, Song Battles, Bathing, Bondage, Power Exchange

Summary: Slightly spoiled by the safety of Menegroth, Iaun wanders far from the city and takes a swim in the River Sirion - and finds himself in the clutches of questionable Ossë, the Maia of water and storms who was seduced for a time by Melkor himself. Iaun is not pleased by his concern-trolling and kink-shaming about the nature of his relationship with Sérelókë. Sérelókë is even less pleased.

Insult is given; satisfaction is demanded.

In Storm He Delights at AO3

Part Three of the Their Terrible Sharpness series, which began with With Both Hands Thou Shalt Give It and continued with The Dark Fire Will Avail You.
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Monday, December 12th, 2016 04:00 pm
Just got back from two weeks in North Carolina with the folks - a great time, if marred by the sadness of knowing that their beloved bull mastiff Camille has bone cancer and is dying. She has good days and bad days. They almost had the hospice service come over to put her to sleep twice, and cancelled both times when she rallied. She's hobbling, but still very much herself.

On a different note, I absolutely LOVE my Good Omens Exchange present!!!!

It's a 23K science fiction novella with Aziraphale/Crowley IN SPACE, which would be incredibly awesome even if it wasn't hilarious and even if it didn't have weird xeno alien bug sex.

To Ineffability and Beyond, Part 1. Link goes to part 1 - it's posted in 5 parts.

Huge thanks to my Mystery Writer. (OK, I'm a mod, of course I do know who wrote it, but can't thank them by name until the Exchange is over)

We got started late this year, so we made the deadline later, which means we had to take a few days off when we didn't have anything to post and that the exchange will probably run longer and the reveal come later. I was beating myself up over this a little bit, but you know what? Shit happens. As long as quality is maintained, and everyone gets a gift and a chance to create one, that's what matters.
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Saturday, October 29th, 2016 05:34 pm
This was first published in the program book for Sherlock Seattle/Watson Washington; it had to stay exclusive until after the con.

Breakfast Where the News is Read at AO3
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Word court: 1226
Rating: PG
Warnings: PTSD, allusions to war crimes

John Watson is just fine with being in danger - because it's the quiet, slow times that often feel more dangerous.

This story riffs on the opening scenes of “The Adventure of the Cardboard Box.” Title comes from “The Unknown Soldier” by the Doors.
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Thursday, October 27th, 2016 02:42 pm
Written for the flash fic challenge at the Writing Erotica panel at Sherlock Seattle/Watson Washington.

Prompts: Mary, Sherlock Holmes (as played by Jeremy Brett in the Granada series), Collaring, Rough Sex, Mycroft's Private Plane, "What a thing to say, and on my birthday besides!"

The Bluestocking in Black Trousers at AO3

Also includes mild gunplay (because that always seems to happen with Mary) and Mary/John/Sherlock triad implied, in two different timelines.
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Sunday, October 2nd, 2016 07:52 pm
Go here!

Year Twelve! This is one of the longest-lasting jobs I've ever had. :D
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Thursday, September 8th, 2016 12:24 am
No, not that kind of submission!

You probably don't remember that over a year ago, I made this post about my alter ego [ profile] evadare_volney submitting a story to Circlet Press for their forthcoming anthology Journey to the Centre of Desire: Erotic Retellings of Jules Verne.

My description of the story at the time: "It’s Aronnax/Conseil/Nemo. There is D/s power-jockeying and a steampunk tentacle fucking machine involved. And yes, it’s called “Poulp Friction” and I’m not even sorry *dodges rotten molluscs.*"

I admit, I'd come close to giving up. But patience pays off! I heard back at last, and they want it!

Details forthcoming about release dates and all that, as soon as I have them. Patience, patience. You can't push the river.
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Sunday, August 28th, 2016 05:14 pm
Pairing: Irene Adler/Mary Morstan
Rating: E
Tags: BDSM, Dom/sub, Leather Kink, Leather Boots, Boot Worship, Fur Kink, Frottage, Foot Fetish, Riding Crops, Servitude, Chaotic Neutral Women Loving Women, Crime DOES Pay, Service Kink, Suicidal Thoughts, Debt, Attempted Redemption, Kneeling, Crawling, Non-Platonic Sidekick Recruitment, Brief Scene of Auto-Gunplay
Warning: brief scene of suicidal ideation.

Summary: “Of course it’s very wrong, but we can’t all be moralists, and the distribution of wealth is very wrong to begin with.” (AJ Raffles, “The Ides of March,” E.W. Hornung)

“Mary Morstan” is a down-on-her luck assassin who’s been wanting to reform, but she finds herself deep in debt and thereby with even less hope for a retirement plan that isn’t made of lead. In desperation she appeals to a wealthier acquaintance - Irene Adler, The Woman, one of the top pro Dommes in the world. It turns out that Irene has another, even more lucrative source of income that isn’t quite cricket - and that’s where she needs an assistant. But before Mary is initiated into all Irene’s secrets, she first must pledge her loyalty. And it’s Irene’s business to deduce just what Mary really needs.

Venus Infers at AO3

This belongs to an AU I’ve had in my head for a long time, starring Irene and Mary as a kinky lesbian jewel heist team. Apologies are due to Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, the Velvet Underground, and most of all to E. W. Hornung.
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Wednesday, August 24th, 2016 06:11 pm
It's been one year since I last smoked a cigarette. I can actually call myself an ex-smoker now.

Yes, I still vape, that's how I did it. Over the past year I've come down from 18 mg/ml nicotine juice down to 3, and some of the flavors I'm currently using have none at all. This stuff saves lives, FOR REAL.

It's amazing, the changes in attitudes that I've seen. I started smoking in my mid-teens, in the mid-80s, in very tobacco-friendly rural Virginia. You could smoke in the grocery store! I remember smoking sections in restaurants, on buses and airplanes, etc. Most of my friends circles in my late teens, 20s, and 30s were composed of smokers. I'd say nearly half of my older RL friends still are, in the same boat as me, trying to quit as middle age comes on and we finally start to feel the effects.

My parents always wanted me to quit, and my mom in particular got so up in my face about it that it made me double down and become less likely to quit for a while, I think. I actually told her once that I would smoke an extra cigarette for every time she brought it up!

Nagging doesn't help. Shaming doesn't help. What eventually motivated me to quit was, frankly, money. Cigarettes are so expensive in Chicago I just started hating myself for all the money I was wasting. Vape shops were everywhere, so I just looked at my last pack of cigs from the 2 cartons I'd bought in NC where they're half the price, swore I'd never pay Chicago prices again, spent two packs' worth at the local vape shop (an indie business with juice made in-house), and I never did buy cigarettes in Chicago again. My last one, on August 24, 2015, was bummed from a co-worker. Menthol. Blech.

Cigarette smoke still smells good to me, but the desire to do it myself is all but gone. I still have sensually vivid dreams about it though, and I'm told that might never stop entirely. It's OK. It can stay in my dreams.
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Monday, August 1st, 2016 05:29 pm
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Pairing: Frodo Baggins/Rosie Cotton/Samwise Gamgee
Rating: T for now, will likely go up in part 2
Warnings/Content: None really. Polyamory negotiations, implied PTSD

Summary: Bookverse: post-quest, post-Scouring of the Shire). When Frodo falls ill while Sam is off planting trees to restore the Shire with the aid of Galadriel’s gift, it falls to Rosie to help tend to him. His wounds go much deeper than flesh - and so does Rosie’s healing offer.

In Due Times and Perfect Measure at AO3

Written for the monthly Polyshipping Day challenge at Tumblr and AO3
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Monday, July 25th, 2016 03:43 pm
I’m almost 4000 words into an Irene/Mary kinkfest for my Season of Kink card, and also for Femslash WhateverMonthIWindUpPostingItIn, and it’s giving me fits. It’s all over the place. It’s a beautiful hot mess disaster with a contemporary setting but full of 19th century literature damage, and in first person for some godforsaken reason.

I think the only way it makes sense is if you know that in this story my Irene and Mary are about half Raffles and Bunny and about half Wanda and Severin.

Lockpicking and Leather )

hahaha this is going to run so much longer than I thought. But I WILL make this pairing catch on if it kills me.